10 Things I Hate About Republicans

I’ve made a list of ten things I hate about Republicans: 1) They acquiesce. 2) They are for federal drug illegality. 3) They worry about foreigners stealing our jobs. 4) They don’t fight the left, they fight leftwing candidates. 5) They aren’t indignant enough when name-called. 6) They aren’t funny or cool. 7) They accomplish nothing legislatively. 8) They don’t attack Democrats for being wrong on scientific questions. 9) Republican politicians haven’t made a clear case — as far as I know — for getting rid of centralized power. 10) They are too interested in solving other countries’ problems. Check out this episode!

Dennis Prager Appreciation Show

I begin by reading a telling segment of Theodore Dalrymple’s “The Wilder Shores of Marx,” which shows that North Korea is nearly 100% slave state.  I also read two great quotes from Shakespeare before discussing that Dennis Prager is, according to a UCLA professor, a bigot because he used the word “bloodstream” or somesuch.  I discuss his being invited to the Santa Monica orchestra and the ensuing hoopla.   Check out this episode!

Blackface Saves Lives

I discuss how comments which sound fine today may not age so well, like supporting slapping women no longer sounds ok.  I then discuss the tragic death of a black stuntwoman who was underqualified, but was hired due to “a desire to have a black woman perform the stunt.”  Why was there such a desire, given that you could simply paint a white stuntwoman (or man, for that matter)?  Because the previous year Warner Brothers was lambasted across the media for that practice.  A woman died to prevent offending the perpetually offended.  Her death taught them apparently nothing. Check out this episode!

Hurricane Harvey and Sheriff Joe

I discuss whether hurricanes should scare us or if the lack of hurricanes is the real threat.  Also, I voice some disapproval of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio pardon because I think pardons are monarchical, but also note that Obama’s pardons were far, far worse — he released a terrorist who tried to break out of Leavenworth, for example.  I also shower Washington Post with a bit of praise because it was honest about Antifa violence. Check out this episode!

I Glimpsed the Eclipse

I looked at the eclipse because people don’t know what they’re talking about and I know that they don’t.  I use my brain instead. I also discuss Pope Francis and his personal opinions and a great column on the statue controversy from Victor Davis Hanson. Check out this episode!

NYT vs. Free Speech

I discuss the news, including that the NYT ran an anti-free speech op-ed, signifying the left’s hostility to free expression and the movement of that newspaper leftward.  I also discuss why we can’t talk to people we disagree with (I don’t know why but everyone else seems to).  I include three big ideas that might be relevant in ten years: 1) During the Kitchen Debate in 1959, Khrushschev told Nixon that the USA was good at making unneeded trinkets, but implied the Soviets did just fine at making necessary things.  This revealed why they did not surpass the Americans as predicted by many on both sides of the Pacific. 2) Michael Crichton pointed out that his whole life, he was […]

In Defense of Trump

Ok ok.  Trump was right and I was wrong.  Big whoop. Anyway, I also discuss how bad late night comedy is and whether we should leave Confederate statues up or smash them with the righteous fury social justice so often endows one with. Check out this episode!