Rescidivists Gonna Rescidivize

I discuss some recent stories which say very troubling things about our criminal justice system:  The mass shooter in Texas should have already been in prison for life, a Missouri man commits his fourth murder after “paying his debt to society” for the first three, and a 23 year old out on parole steals a car at gunpoint for a half-hour joyride in Chicago.  Prisoners guilty of violent crime have a 71% chance of rearrest within 5 years.  Good enough?  Disgustingly far from it. Check out this episode!

Wiser is Righter

I discuss the horrific shooting in Texas as well as the problem with secular thought (and I’m secular, so it’s a sore subject).  I also discuss two influential people who came to realize that commonsense gun control solutions were common sense, but weren’t solutions.  And I discuss that even George McGovern later regretted his leftwing stance on regulation while in office.  All of this adds up to the following:  As people get older and wiser, they move righter. Check out this episode!

Greenland is Icy and Iceland is Overrated

Sleep-deprived after a long day’s travel, I come to you with an important message:  Don’t go to Greenland or Iceland unless you have to in order to meet your in-laws.  No other valid excuse exists.  Also, ideas matter;  Islam appears to prevent suicide (but encourages murder).  What you believe makes more of a difference to your life than almost anything, including money; poverty can’t cause you to run down New Yorkers, but ideas sure can. Check out this episode!

Luton and Rotherham

I’m still in Iceland, which is expensive and quite inhospitable for human existence.  But this show focuses on the realization made by a young BBC reporter that Islamism cannot coexist with liberalism.  I also discuss that British authorities in Rotherham failed to stop rape over more than a decade for fear of seeming racist.  Hysterias always have a cost, and our current racism hysteria is no exception. Check out this episode!