Business Insider Trashes Tucker Carlson


In an article ostensibly relating details over ongoing negotiations for a book by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Business Insider has broken its own company policy (at least, I hope it’s policy) by deciding to forego using English correctly.

Take one sentence fragment from the piece which good lawyers could argue amounts to libel thrice-over:

Carlson has not only engaged in the kind of cartoonish misogyny, gay-bashing and racism that his network has come to be known for…

Misogyny?  Wikipedia tells me that Tucker Carlson has three daughters and a wife, the latter since 1991 and the former since 2017 minus however old they are.  How odd it is that a man has devoted the majority of his adult life to being in the presence of the gender he despises:  He must be a masochist as well!  But ok, you might say, it’s odd but perhaps he just occasionally “engaged” in misogyny, but otherwise enjoyed spending tons o’ optional time around women.

I hate to be a killjoy, but just for fun let’s define a word!  My Oxford English Dictionary tells me the word means “Hatred of women.”  But before you get on the phone to child services for the sake of the Carlson daughters, let’s do the most anti-left thing I can think of and review the evidence.

The BI allegation of “misogyny” links to an article in RawStory from 2014, in which Mr. Carlson is quoted:  “Men, who on the second date, let their date pay for dinner, I’m sorry that’s disgusting.”  The RawStory headline is “Women who pay for men’s dinners are ‘disgusting’.”  Which, in keeping with RawStory company policy, is wrong.  He was either calling the situation disgusting or, more likely, was calling the men in the situation disgusting.  Then the truth gets further tortured by BI, in which Mr. Carlson now not only finds some women disgusting, but in fact hates (hated?) all women.

Next we have “gay-bashing.”  This smear links to a transcript from ten years ago in which Mr. Carlson said “I’m not anti-gay in the slightest” but a gay man “bothered” him when he was in high school at a public restroom.  He said that he then went back with someone he knew and grabbed the guy and “hit him against the stall with his head.”  What was the manner of the bothering, you ask?  Tucker Carlson emailed Media Matters elucidation ten years ago:  “A man physically grabbed me” and “I wasn’t angry with the man because he was gay.  I was angry because he assaulted me.”

The venerable if quaint OED didn’t know what “gay-bashing” was, but Wikipedia thinks it’s “verbal or physical abuse against a person who is perceived by the aggressor to be gay…”  Presumably this means if you were a bank teller who whacked a particularly camp bank robber over the head with a fire extinguisher, you’d be gay-bashing.  So according to Wikipedia it’s conceivable to have the headline:  “Gay-Bashing Hero Banker Saves the Day.” redirects me to “queer-bashing,” which refers to (emphasis mine): “making… unprovoked verbal or physical assaults upon homosexuals.”  That’s a bit better because at least it excepts bank-robbers, though I’d also include, “because of the perceived homosexuality of the victim,” but there’s no need to quibble when an even moderately sensible definition of “gay-bashing” gets Mr. Carlson off the hook.  According to Carlson, the man provoked the attack so case closed.  Or, as BI might put it these days, “Case Closed:  Carlson Devotes Life to Hitlerian Extirpation of Gays Worldwide.”

Last we come to Carlson’s supposed “racism.”  Carlson once agreed with US Representative Steve King after the congressman made a point that immigrants should assimilate to American values.  Shock, horror.  Here is the clip:


Ergo, Mr. Carlson is racist because, y’know, he just is shut up.  If you don’t shut up you’re our next Two Minutes Hate victim and you’ll lose your job.  Well, the joke’s on you, leftists:  I haven’t got a proper job.  Haha!

I expect to see this kind of trash on Salon or Mic (with whom Business Insider is apparently partnering, including in the offending article, for some unknown reason).  Naturally, I assume this must be a “24” kind of scenario in which a sick terrorist has threatened the families of the Business Insider staff unless they partner with the slimiest “journalists” available in America, all for the sick enjoyment of Taliban warlords who are engaging in innovative journo-jihad by corrupting once-decent Western media institutions.  But I do have an email inquiry in to Henry Blodget, BI Editor-in-Chief, so hopefully I’ll hear back soon that everyone’s okay and the partnership was merely due to a passing psychiatric fugue.

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