I issue an correction to something I said last week.  The EPA in fact estimates that Obama’s big climate policies would reduce global temperatures by 2/100’ths of a degree, while eliminating all US emissions would reduce temperatures by 2/10’ths of a degree.   Check out this episode!

Republican Like Me

I have a solution to the Roy Moore problem at last.  Also, I review the book by Ken Stern, “Republican Like Me:  How I left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right,” the fairest description of the right I’ve ever heard from a person who’s never voted Republican.  If every Democrat read the book the political divide would be far less hostile than it is. Check out this episode!

Matt Lauer & Roy Moore

I discuss the firing of Matt Lauer and the ongoing Senate campaign of Roy Moore.  I forgot to discuss Al Franken, who I (for the record) do not believe should resign based on the allegations so far against him.  I include a mash-up of Lauer grilling O’Rielly mere weeks ago. Check out this episode!

Why I’m Not a Christian

One of the reasons I’m not a Christian is this:  Prayer does not work.  I do have philosophical problems too, such as:  Its emphasis on being poor, loving your enemies, turning the other cheek, and taking “no thought for the morrow.”  And I discuss the eternal injustice of Heaven and Hell, the most extreme funneling system which is not fair for almost anyone alive. Check out this episode!