Trump, Trump, and Other Thoughts

I find odd the partisan fascination with hypocrisy; there are hypocrites of both parties, seemingly in roughly equal amounts.  So what?  I also discuss Democrats being hyperbolic about nearly everything, including mandating employers to buy ladies birth control and the President’s negotiations over the border wall (it appears to be back on the table, which is good).  Lastly, I finish by discussing personal topics:  What does a parent think when a child commits suicide?  I believe there is one wrong thought to have.  Also, there is an amazing new therapy for vegetables (the people, not the food). Check out this episode!

Gun Control Doesn’t Work

I discuss the Las Vegas shooting and why very little could have been done to prevent it.  I also discuss revolting comments by Jimmy Kimmel in which he implies congresspeople who differ with him on guns are whores to the NRA’s pocketbook.  Lastly, I summarize a study from last year (that I did) which found that in six of nine cases in Canada, the UK, Australia, and the USA, homicides fell slower in countries which did nothing than in the one which passed a significant gun control bill. Check out this episode!

How Africans Succeed

This week, I discuss how everybody’s getting out of their own business and into dull politics:  SNL and Gregg Popovich are two examples.  I discuss the documentary “God Grew Tired of Us” and FEMA’s muck-up in Puerto Rico.  I also briefly discuss the failure of Senate Republicans to repeal Obamacare. Check out this episode!

The MalaCast Got a Bad Review!

This week, I announce an exciting review the show has received.  Also, has announced a new raft of words and phrases we should stop saying because they love telling people how to talk.  In the interests of balance, I also let a Chicago friend Darren give another perspective on that topic. Check out this episode!

The Truth About Male Sexuality

I read some jokes (and an observation).  I also comment on the documentary “Weiner” as his sentencing is coming up:  For some reason, the reality of male sexuality (the desire for different sex partners) is unacceptable to acknowledge in our society.  I also discuss the question:  Why should we use “preferred pronouns” if we don’t respect the person?  Must we respect all LGBT people, or just the respectable ones?  I also discuss the Tennessee church shooting, which was thwarted by a good man with concealed carry. Check out this episode!

St. Louis Riots

I discuss the Emmys and how celebs love speaking “truth” when it gets them loved by everyone they know.  I go on to talk about how using a taser almost got a cop killed and discuss a bit of rioting in St. Louis following the acquittal of a cop for lawfully killing a heroin dealer going for his gun.  Sound weird?  You don’t know race politics then.  To the left, a black guy getting shot by a cop under any circumstances = murder.  Any pretense or bizarre theory will be used to try to exonerate the black guy and vilify the cop.  Leftists act as though cops are authoritarian racist would-be murderers and black heroin dealer convicts are cuddly cutie-pies. […]